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Adult Softball Information

Men's Slow Pitch 2018

Deadline for slow pitch rosters is June 24, 2018. Once the roster is in the hands of your commissioner it is final.  No additions or changes are allowed. District commissioners will conference on the Division of play,  D or E and let teams know if they must move up. The top 5 teams from last year’s E must move up to D. The 0-3 teams from D may move down.  If you have 3 or more players from last year’s team you will  have to move up, if in the top 5 E teams. 

Last year’s competition was successful by holding the line of teams playing down , we hope that is the case again this year.  See your local commissioner for your registration and Roster form.  Roster forms must be completed and in the hands of the District Commissioner by June 24th. Teams formed after the deadline must play in the D. This year the team registration price is $35. The good news is that this price will include Liability insurance for your team and league if all teams register. 

USA Softall Of Maine strongly urges the use of Face protection for the pitcher. This is not however mandated.