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May 27, 2020


I have made decisions to restart USA Girls Junior Olympic Softball in the State of Maine with certain guidelines to be followed.

Effective June 1st 2020  and for the month of June 2020 teams will be allowed to practice or scrimmage.

No tournament games for the month of June.

The Maine State USA State Championships have been moved to July 30,31 and August 1st 2020, this means the 2020 Olympic Dream Event has been canceled. If you have registered for this event a FULL refund or admission to another event will be arranged.

The MAYSA Triple Play event has been either postponed or canceled.(I will update everyone soon with a decision on this event).

All Maine teams will not be allowed travel outside of Maine for months of June and July 2020. I will make a decision on what happens with events in August at a later date.

All events held during the month of July 2020 will be for Maine USA registered teams only. No teams from other states or other countries allowed.

I have attached the Maine version of back to the ballpark requirements which will be posted on the website. These need to be followed and used for practices and scrimmage games.

Maine USA Softball will hold 4 dates in June (6,7 13,14)  which will have day long events for teams to play 2 games and we will use these dates to seek changes, make adjustments to any of the required items that I have requested in the back to the ballpark recommendations. I will publish something soon when I get my team of Commissioner/UIC’s together.

I know some of you have been approached for league play and I am requesting that the leagues use the Maine back to the ballpark recommendations that I have set forth. I will be conversing with all regaurding this compliance.

I want to THANK all of you for your patience and understanding going through this rough time.(COVID-19). During many of my phone exchanges with area commissioners the easiest thing to do would have been to cancel the 2020 season like some others have done. I for one could not let that happen and I have tried to provide a safe and workable guide to get the girls returning to one of the greatest sports of all time. (USA SOFTBALL).

I will be looking for assistance from all of you to make this happen, my feeling is that if we work together

for what is best for the players, coaches, parents and fans we can get through this.

Saying this I have found that there are no Social Distancing Police, Face Mask Police, Hand Sanitizing Police or anybody that will provide direct assistance to questions that may come up so I will do the best I can to protect everyone involved with events in the State Of Maine….

Cleveland “Brownie” Brown
USA Softball of Maine
Junior Olympic State Commissioner
C 207-314-1876

USA Softball Back to the Ballpark Recommendations

USA Softball of Maine Guidelines and Precautions

Umpires / Rules / Mechanic Recommendations

Line-Up Card Modifications

Assumption of Risk, Release and Waiver of Liability, and Indemnity Agreement Relating to COVID-19 Exposure, COVID-19 Liability, and COVID-19 Risks

Maine ASA Hall Of Fame Selection Guidelines

Purpose: To recognize and honor those men and women who have made a major contribution to the sport of softball and contributed to the success of the Maine Amateur Softball Association. Individuals will be inducted in the following five categories: player, manager, umpire, sponsor and administrator. Special recognition may be given to individuals who have contributed to the sport who do not qualify in one of these categories. A Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony will be conducted as needed to formally induct and honor individuals who have been selected. An award will be presented to individuals inducted into the Maine Amateur Softball Association Hall of Fame and their names will be added to the list of Maine Hall of Fame members in the National Amateur Softball Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City.

Committee: The Hall of Fame Selection Committee shall consist of three to five members including a chairperson appointed by the state commissioner. Members of the committee should be knowledgeable about the Maine Amateur Softball Association and represent different areas of the state. They should also represent a variety of backgrounds in the sport including player (slow pitch, modified pitch, fast pitch), manager, umpire, sponsor, and administrator.

Nomination: Written nominations can be submitted to any Hall of Fame Selection Committee member with the nomination form and shall include the following information about their career and contribution to softball in Maine: nomination category, the position and number of years of participation and the level achieved, softball awards and honors received, and the most notable or distinguished softball accomplishments. Any other information regarding honors or accomplishments that the candidate has received may be included in addition to scrapbooks and newspaper articles. Three references must also be provided and they may submit letters of support for the candidate.

Eligibility: Any Maine individual inducted into the National Amateur Softball Hall of Fame will be automatically selected to the Maine Amateur Softball Hall of Fame. To be eligible for the Maine Amateur Softball Hall of Fame, the nominee presented for consideration must be classified in one of the following categories and participated in Maine:

  • Player-Individual who possesses a high level of skill and sportsmanship and has     excelled in their respective division of play for a minimum of 10 years and has reached the age of 40. They must have played in five state, regional or national championship tournaments. (Note: Adult fast pitch players that played prior to 1980 will be exempt having to play in five state, regional or national tournaments)
  • Manager-Individual who has made a significant contribution and has excelled as a team manager for a minimum of ten years. Through his or her efforts teams have reached a level of success in their respective division of play.
  • Umpire-Individual who has umpired in Maine for a minimum of 10 years in a registered ASA league or program and is a member in good standing of a local umpire association. He or she should have a high level of skill and ability and experienced success in state, regional or national tournament play.
  • Sponsor-Individual or business that has made a significant contribution through the sponsorship of one or more ASA registered teams for a minimum of ten years.
  • Administrator-Individual who has made a significant contribution as an administrator in an ASA registered league, program, or the Maine Amateur Softball Association for a minimum of ten years.

Selection Process: The Hall of Fame Selection Committee shall meet and review all properly submitted nominations on an annual or as needed basis. They will consider the merits of each candidate and forward a recommendation for those selected for induction to the State Commissioner and the Maine Amateur Softball Council for final action. Nominations not selected may be resubmitted for consideration at a later date. The Committee shall work with the State Commissioner to notify all inductees and plan and organize an awards ceremony.

Hall of Fame Nomination Form